Familie Kuster aus Tann ZH

Beim Verkauf unseres Einfamilienhauses wurden wir von H. Labèr zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit betreut. Er hat unsere Fragen bis zum Abschluss auf dem Notariat kompetent beantwortet. Wir danken H. Labèr für die gute Betreuung und können ihn bestens weiter empfehlen.

Fam. Kuster

Urs Aepli, Uetikon am See

«I met Mr. Labèr regarding the sale of a hard to estimate property on the recommendation of my bank and immediately found a good connection with him. Mr. Labèr is friendly, uncomplicated, flexible and purposeful. He cannot be upset by any obstacle (the sudden subordination of our property under strict monument protection). Mr. Labèr showed a discerning and sensitive way to accommodate our needs and desires. We have benefited greatly from his great experience and professionalism. The same can be said of his small but fine team. I would like to recommend Mr. Labèr for further jobs and assignments.»

K.H., Männedorf

«I was very relieved that IDZ took over the mandate for the sale of my condominium in Uerikon. I felt like they took me seriously from the very start and the calm, objective and professional nature of IDZ impressed me very much. Throughout the surprisingly short timeframe until the sale, this feeling was repeatedly confirmed through the setting of realistic expectations, the pronouncedly appealing and professional dossier and, last but not least, through the discrete, trusting and very serious appearance and negotiations.»

Leo Stabile, architect new building project Bollingen

«Of course, as an architect it is wonderful to see that the sale of the 3 apartments, close to the shore of Lake Zurich, has been so quick and successful. From the creation of the project homepage to the market analysis, each step was very well communicated and implemented. The foundation of the condominium’s ownership agreements and the subsequent administration was also carried out to my fullest satisfaction. As part of the construction consortium, I can recommend the IDZ at any time.»

Alfons Gmür, Niederhasli ZH

We would like to thank for the very pleasant, trusting and professional cooperation regarding the sale of our house in Amden. The cooperation was very transparent and fair, committed and competent. Friendliness, empathy and situational communication was greatly appreciated. We are happy to recommend Mr. Labèr and his team at any time.

Familie Aebli, Bülach

«In the autumn of 2016, we tasked Mr Labèr from the IDZ with the sale of our building ground in Bülach. With great care, competence and transparency, Mr Labèr then led the sale in our family’s name to a satisfying conclusion for all parties involved – from the tendering of the lot through to the concluding negotiations with the tax office. The sellers greatly thank Mr Labèr for the excellent sales result and the trusting collaboration!»

Christa Balzer, Attiswil

«I have been able to employ the services of Mr Labèr from the IDZ GmbH for a few years now. I value his professional competence, transparency, reliability and pricing. For that reason, I have tasked the IDZ company with the first letting of my houses. To my full satisfaction, Ms Vaillancourt and Mr Labèr work with great diligence, professionalism and friendliness. Thanks a lot for your great work! That is why I have decided to entrust the further management of the buildings to the Real Estate Service Centre (IDZ). I would recommend Mr Labèr and the team at any time!»

Margot Wyss, Goldswil b. Interlaken

«The IDZ was tasked with the first letting of my newly created apartment building in Männedorf. Within the shortest amount of time, all flats were leased out because of the great effort of this reliable company. The entire process was conducted to my complete satisfaction. Thank you very much! Both on the professional as well as the personal level, it is a joy to get to work together with IDZ. Moreover, I value the reciprocal trust, the excellent consultation and the continuous, honest exchange of information. Due to the good experience with the IDZ, namely with Mr Labèr and Ms Sophia Vaillancourt, I have transferred the management of my apartment building to the IDZ.»

M.B., Ermensee

11«I have tasked the IDZ with the first letting of my apartment building. An appropriate leasing file was produced. It is also thanks to the great effort of the IDZ staff that all the flats had been leased out in only a few months’ time. Since one year, the IDZ has also been the management of my apartment building – to my complete satisfaction.»

Michael Zwicky, Hombrechtikon ZH

«After we tried unsuccessfully to sell our apartment ourselves, we instructed Hansjürg Labèr of IDZ GmbH with it. Within a very short time, Mr. Labèr created a high-quality dossier with an expressive picture presentation. So within a week, he had three potential buyers on hand. Within three months, the sale was in the bag, exactly at the asking price and conditions we wanted. Mr. Labèr is an extremely competent broker who looked after us far beyond our expectations. Many thanks.»

M. Guggenbühl und U. Guggenbühl, lic. iur., Zürich

«We are very satisfied in general with the administrative work of your company, IDZ. Communication works easily via e-mail. When it comes to telephone contact, the tone is always friendly. Moreover, particularly, it is to be highlighted that with cases of absence of the responsible person, one can expect their call-back within a short time. You manage our rental co-property acquired around half a year ago to our full satisfaction. Here, you approached appearing problems always quickly and suitably. The tenancies were regulated completely and competently. Defects of the property existing at the beginning were repaired by you – so far as possible, under inclusion of the construction clientele – efficiently and uncomplicated. In consideration of the effort, which was rather high for you at the beginning, including numerous visits to the property, the fee charged by you is appropriate. For these reasons, we can recommend your company any time.»

Karin und Rolf Husistein, Amden

«In the meantime, we have settled down very well in our wonderful apartment up here in beautiful Amden. It is thanks to your professional service that we have found our dream apartment and we could realise everything with your help. The sale of our apartment in Jona, the appointments with the authorities, the banks and the new building owner all happened very well, thanks to your spontaneity. We are very pleased to recommend the IDZ.»

Ch. Pfenninger, Pfäffikon SZ

«For many years, the demanding administration of our big Terrace Houses has been looked after by IDZ to our full satisfaction. Reliability, professionalism and implementation power characterise the services of Mr. Hansjürg Labèr and his team. I can recommend Mr. Labèr without reservation.»

Dr. T. M.

«My wife and I have got to know and appreciate Mr. Labèr through our largest investment, the purchase of our property in Uetikon. He has won our confidence through his professional, transparent and fair practices, which he has justified at all times. His expertise and strong customer focus has been shown in the fact that he not only took care of all our concerns, but at an early stage proactively pointed out many aspects for completing the purchase. He gave us many valuable tips with regard to the authorities, to government offices and craftsmen. His very personable approach, his friendliness and empathy are also worthy of mention. After this successful cooperation, we passed the sale of our old property to him, which he has again completed very well. His great flexibility, speed and quality were always results-oriented. Last but not least: the relationship between his price and his performance has really impressed us.»

Sylvia und Daniel Hiltebrand-Schaub, Pfäffikon SZ

«During the sale of our exclusive flat in Wilen near Wollerau, we got to know Mr. Hansjürg Labèr, from the Immobilien Dienstleistungszentrum, as a competent agent who has catered precisely to our wishes and has implemented these efficiently. Mr. Hansjürg Labèr has always kept us up-to-date in the desired intensity during all sales activities, also when we stayed abroad for two months during the provisional agreement phase. He has handled and advanced the matters by proxy in our sense. Particularly, we wanted to highlight – beside the profound professional knowledge and market knowledge – the respectable planning of the buyer search and the sales process up to the transfer of title. We are more than content with the services of the IDZ and can only recommend this company.»

Margot Wyss, Goldswil

«Mr. Labèr of the company IDZ coordinated the rebuilding of the bathroom units and kitchens of our two family houses in Männedorf from A to Z, with a lot of commitment, interest and reliability. As the owner, I was well advised and represented. In particular, I valued his clear, communicative mode of operation, his observance of appointments, his precise cost control and his observance of the budget. I am very pleased to recommend him!»

Thomas Baumann, MainFirst Schweiz AG

«The cooperation with Hansjürg Labèr of IDZ was very pleasant and trusting. The first renting out of my house was handled by the company professionally and cost-effectively. Therefore, I have resolved to also assign the property administration to the Immobilien Dienstleistungszentrum. From own conviction, I can recommend the IDZ.»